About US

Company Introduction

FST specializes in the research, development, production, and export of equipment for nail and eyelash salons, as well as massage and physical therapy. Our main products include nail chairs, eyelash chairs, nail and eyelash SPA chairs, nail and eyelash SPA massage chairs. Our products are widely favored by professionals in various fields such as nail art, eyelash extension, beauty, tattooing, and foot massage.We take pride in our complete design and development team, which considers the ergonomics of users and practitioners.

We cooperate with American technology and maintain the pure MIT lineage of Taiwan, continuously launching industry-leading products on the international stage. We have also successfully promoted a variety of fully self-developed multi-functional professional SPA massage chairs, and continue to invest in local craftsmanship and design research and development, hoping to showcase the beauty of integrating Taiwanese technology and innovative craftsmanship in a sustainable manner.