Simple and Easy
Highest Return on Investment
Muti-service chair

• Low price, sturdy and compact.
• Unique seat design for a soft sofa-like feel.
• Manual control for the chair's forward/backward movement and tilt angle.
SPA Chair
1. Anti-solvent
2. Wood grain
3. Breathability
4. Resistant to abrasion
5. 2H hardness Tray

SPA Base
1. Elegant and simple water drainage switch design, non-slip, and convenient for drainage.
2. Export-grade advanced showerhead with spray and water column switch.
3. Comes with LED light changes, providing a soothing atmosphere during nail spa.
4. Taiwan-made bathroom faucet, sturdy and durable with a shiny surface.
• Left and right flip-up armrests for easy access to the chair.
Tray with Cup Holder
• Adjustable satin-finished wooden tray for more stylish comfort.
• Faux leather that is available for over 36 colors, featuring gorgeous pattern style.
• Acetone-resistant, wear-resistant, less prone to scratches, water-resistant, and the surface does not easily peel.
• Passed common tests for nail and eyelash chemical products; easy to clean with quick wiping, maintaining appearance.
• UV paint treatment for stable color, long lifespan, less fading, and color deviation.
• Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) design, surface resistant to acetone, polish remover, nail polish and gel, easy to clean.
• Concealed overflow hole for a more aesthetic appearance and resistance to acetone and nail polish.
• Complies with international UL standards
• Complies with American health and sanitation standards