Elegant, simple, and stylish.
• Fully functional commercial massage chair with comfortable massage effects.
• Automatic massage modes rivaling the professional skills of a massage therapist.
• Easy-to-operate graphical remote control interface.
• Massage settings: kneading, tapping, knocking, combination mode, seat vibration.
• Adjustable seat tilt angle, forward/backward.
Massage Chair
1. Tray: Foldable for more space and 12.5 kg weight-bearing capacity, providing customers and nail technicians with additional room.
2. Armrest: Left and right flip-up armrests for easy access to the chair.
3. Cup holder: For customers to place their drinks.
4. Purse Hook: Both armrests have hooks for hanging items, with 12.5 kg weight-bearing capacity.
5. Technician controller: Allows nail technicians to freely adjust their working position for convenience.

SPA Base
1. Elegant and simple water drainage switch design, non-slip, and convenient for drainage.
2. Export-grade advanced showerhead with spray and water column switch.
3. Comes with LED light changes, providing a soothing atmosphere during nail spa.
4. Taiwan-made bathroom faucet, sturdy and durable with a shiny surface.
• Replaceable headrest, back cushion, and seat cushion to enhance maintenance and management convenience.
• Low-noise motor design for a quiet and comfortable massage experience, replaceable during maintenance.
• Durable massage structure for continuous use without malfunction, parts can be replaced during maintenance.